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About Us

The Owner

Warren Shaw

I have been in the welding business as a welder for over 53 years, building R.R. Cars for 23 ½ years and present business for 30 years. I’m a grad of Lincoln Electric Welding School and was certified in all position welding by the Herron Testing Lab, Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve run 3 businesses, this one since 1987. I believe in quality and pride in your work and products. We also build the bottlers transportation racks and many other things.

We believe in our rack products, our expertise and attention to the quality of everything we ship.

Our racks are designed to get the plastic drinking water bottles off of the floor in a neat way, to look good and use as little floor space as possible. The best on the market! We have sold SHACO RACKS in every State including Alaska & Hawaii! We have sold to the Corp of Engineers U.S. Army Dept of Logistics,McGuire Air Force Base, many Companies and Colleges,

Our racks are built the same way, with the same materials and process as the ones used in the Industry as we also build the larger ones for the Industry! 20, 30,36,40 and 48 bottle. Fabricated,welded,painted and wrapped ready to us! NO Assembly needed.

Order a rack one bottle larger than what you use to have a space for your empty bottle to slide into.

General Foreman

Mike Shaw

Mike is my son, having worked with Shaco since he got out of the the Marine Corps in 1988.

He has mastered every job in the shop, even mechanical repair!.

He has been the lead welder since 1996.

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